2015 Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull Endorses Miles Richardson in upcoming AFN Election


For Immediate Release July 21, 2019



2015 Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull Endorses Miles Richardson in upcoming AFN Election


Vancouver – Indigenous Youth Leader and former Mrs. Universe winner Ashley Callingbull is pleased to endorse Miles Richardson, former President of the Council of the Haida Nation, as the next National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN).

Ashley has passionately maintained her place as an advocate and role model in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities throughout North America and internationally. Ashley was the first ever Indigenous and Canadian woman to win the Mrs. Universe title in 2015, and has won many other titles, performance credits, and other accolades, which have garnered her a strong national and international prominence and following. Ashley has since used her success and vast following to advance important social and political issues facing Indigenous peoples and Canadians alike.

Having taken a stand for Indigenous Peoples from her platform as Mrs. Universe, Callingbull endorses Richardson’s plan to take a lead role in helping transform the relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples from a colonial relationship under the Indian Act framework to an equitable partnership amongst nations, stating “I support Miles Richardson in his campaign for National Chief and his plan to implement Nation-to-Nation relationships between First Nations and Canada. On an equitable footing, in a proper relationship with Canada, Indigenous Peoples are poised to thrive, innovate, and create.”

Miles Richardson’s platform ( is centred on three core actions, fundamental to a proper Nation-to-Nation relationship between First Nations and Canada:

  1. Recognition and affirmation of First Nations inherent Aboriginal and treaty rights.
  2. Closing persistent socio-economic gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.
  3. Ensuring First Nations reap a fair share of economic activity in their respective territories and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Richardson noted “I am grateful to receive the support of Ashley Callingbull. She showed courage as a young Indigenous woman on standing up on the international stage to call out the injustice and disrespect she saw toward our Peoples. She could have stayed silent and received international renown, but chose to use her voice to stand for our Peoples. I commend her for taking a stand, using her voice, and showing pride in who she is as an Indigenous woman.”

Richardson continued, “Ashley sees the capacity of our Peoples for achieving our dreams and the importance of building proper Nation-to-Nation relationships with Canada to achieve those dreams. For too long, our destinies have been shaped by Canada’s colonial policies and approach to our Peoples. In a proper Nation-to-Nation relationship, in which our inherent Aboriginal and treaty rights are respected, our nations will receive their fair share from economic activities in their territories, close social gaps, and achieve economic self-sufficiency. The colonial relationship has kept our Peoples in poverty and struggle. A proper Nation-to-Nation relationship will put our Peoples in the position where our ingenuity will provide the keys to our futures, as it has enabled our peoples to survive and thrive for millennia.”

For more information and details on the platform, please visit

The election for the next National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations will take place at the 2018 AFN Annual General Assembly in Vancouver on July 25th, 2018.



Media Contact:

Jacquie Miller
Press Secretary
Miles Richardson for National Chief Campaign


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Miles Richardson endorsed by former national chief Matthew Coon Come in Assembly of First Nations election

Miles Richardson participated in the Walk for Reconciliation in Vancouver in 2013.

On Wednesday (July 25), the national media will converge on Vancouver for the election of the head of the Assembly of First Nations.And today, the only B.C. candidate in the race, former Haida Nation president Miles Richardson, won an endorsement from former national chief Mathew Coon Come.

“I am happy to pay tribute to Miles Richardson and his character," Coon Come said in a news release. "He has transformed the way First Nations view themselves and their place within Canada. He provides key insights into political activism strategies and how to manage the media."

Coon Come is a former grand chief of the Grand Council of the Crees in Quebec.

Richardson is well-known to British Columbians as a former chief commissioner of the B.C. Treaty Commission.

In addition, Richardson is a close friend of environmentalist David Suzuki, and has been on the David Suzuki Foundation board since it was created in 1992.

In the campaign to become national chief, Richardson has been saying that the role of the Assembly of First Nations is "to support each First Nation in establishing proper nation-to-nation relationship" with the Canadian government.

That entails working with each First Nation "to create space for them to establish their own nationhood", including exercising laws and jurisdiction over their people's well-being.

Richardson has also made the case for the Assembly of First Nations to work to establish strong, sustainable economies to ensure Indigenous nations' self-sufficiency.

And he insists it's not the organization's role to speak and negotiation for First Nations, which are sovereign in their territories and should speak for themselves.


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Former Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees of Quebec and AFN National Chief Mathew Coon Come Endorses Miles Richardson in upcoming AFN Election

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Chief Ava Hill of the Six Nations of the Grand River Endorses Miles Richardson in upcoming AFN Election

Chief Ava Hill media release_MR4NC_Jul 19 2018-v2[3]

Wayne Garnons-Williams, Chair of the International Intertribal Trade and Investment Organization, endorses Miles Richardson for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations



AFN National Chiefs candidates’ forum broadcast live via APTN News #AFN2018

Osoyoos Indian Band Chief Clarence Louie Endorses Miles Richardson in upcoming AFN Election

Miles Richardson on why he’s running to be the next National Chief filmed just before the Union of BC Indian Chiefs All Candidates Forum #AFN2018

Campaign Launch Media Release